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Allan Fraser is a songwriter and performer who released two albums internationally on Columbia Records with his then-partner, Daisy DeBolt. He has played the Philadelphia, Mariposa, and Winnipeg folk festivals, appeared in concert at major clubs, on TV and radio in the U.S.A, Europe and Canada and has composed and performed on film soundtracks.

He has worked with jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, singer/songwriters Jesse Winchester and Bruce Cockburn, and musical actors Cedric Smith and Tom Jackson. Many artists have recorded his songs, including Tom Russell, Cal Hand with Leo Kotke, Penny Lang and Cassell Webb.

His compelling songs are described as “gypsy theatre” and with accolades like “powerful acoustic folk-rock”. The material fuses evocative lyrics and melody in a distinctive way that makes it unmistakably his. “Dance Hall Girls” is a favorite wherever pickers and singers gather. As the New York Times put it: “… As in gypsy theatre, their songs are performances and their lyrics are as dramatic and direct as finely spoken folk tales. … With this range of feeling, dense imagery and unexpected depth, their words may well find a place in the oral tradition of poetry….”

Allan Fraser is a strikingly original artist whose work resonates with musical intelligence and passion.

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